Dagangan’s Impact in 2022 – Empowered Rural Communities with 75,000 Digitalized Warung and MSMEs and Distributed 10 Million Cooking Oil, including “Minyakita”.

Dagangan Impact Report 2022

Jakarta, 20 March 2023 – A rural commerce startup Dagangan releases the Dagangan impact report 2022 enclosed of Dagangan support in empowering rural communities. During 2022, Dagangan has managed to create significant impacts on rural communities by carrying out various initiatives and activities. Now, Dagangan has empowered more than 20,000 villages in Indonesia by providing an efficient daily necessities distribution to the community, especially small shop owners to get access to 5,000+ high-quality products with affordable prices.

Dagangan implements a hub-and-spoke operational model which is spread across 4 provinces and 71 regions in rural areas. With the initiatives, Dagangan has succeeded in empowering more than 75,000 traditional market sellers, small shop owners, and MSMEs in rural areas and has helped thousands of small shop owners to increase their income by up to 2x after joining the Dagangan digital ecosystem.

“Our commitment remains unwavering in driving positive impact by empowering and offering solutions to rural communities in Indonesia. We recognize the significant gap between urban and rural areas, and Dagangan is dedicated to bridging that gap through our app and digital ecosystem. We strongly believe in the untapped potential and opportunities that can be developed within these communities.”

Maha Willy Chandra, COO & Co-Founder Dagangan.

As one of the distributors of Minyakita, packed cooking oil owned by Ministry of Trade, by 2022 Dagangan has distributed and sold 10 million liters of cooking oil including Minyakita below the maximum retail price (MRP), so that sellers and small shop owners can sell at prices below or in accordance with the MRP and buyers can also receive the oil price according to the MRP.

“Dagangan, an online distribution platform, connects sellers, guarantees quality, and offers prices that are 20-30% cheaper. Take, for instance, Minyakita, which typically costs Rp. 14,000/liter or Rp. 15,500/kg MRP. Thanks to Dagangan’s efforts, the same product can now be sold to sellers for as low as Rp. 12,000, allowing them to earn more profit. This highlights the importance of digitalization, as it provides remarkable efficiency gains.”

Jerry Sambuaga, Vice Minister of Trade at a media gathering event with Dagangan.

Dagangan plays a vital role in fostering the growth of MSMEs by providing opportunities for local products to flourish. By supporting the UMKM Go Digital initiative, a program launched by the Indonesian government to accelerate the digitalization of MSMEs, Dagangan has made it their mission to unlock the potential of local products. With a broader market reach, especially for products from rural communities, Dagangan has become a key player in this drive towards digitalization.To date, 150+ local products have been marketed in the Dagangan application and 20 of them are white-label products by Dagangan.

“Going forward, Dagangan will keep contributing in driving a positive impact for the communities in Indonesia. “Over the next three years, we are confident in our ability to drive the growth of the digital economy in rural areas and increase it exponentially by up to 10 times. Our ambitious plan is to distribute 10,000 products to 70,000 villages across Indonesia. With the Dagangan Impact Report 2022, we aim to inspire others to create a positive and meaningful impact on their communities, using our journey as a source of motivation.”

Maha Willy Chandra, COO & Co-Founder Dagangan.

Download the Dagangan Impact Report 2022 to discover more about their journey in 2022 through this link below.

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